KITO Hockey Pool 2019

REGISTRATION NOW OPEN! - KITO Canada is excited to announce that our annual NHL Playoff Hockey Pool is now open for registration! If you’ve participated in our Hockey Pool in the past, you know how competitive this contest gets. Submit your player choices now for your chance to win this year’s KITO Cup and take home the $1000 Grand Prize!

  • Registrations must be done ONLINE ONLY 
  • All current employees are eligible to play for free (1 entry per)
  • Registration deadline is 4pm PST on April 10th - NO EXCEPTIONS
  • Competitor with the highest total points at the end wins
  • Ties are broken by comparing the sum of 1st players, then sum of 2nd players, etc. (1st fwd + 1st def + 1st goalie)
  • If two teams have exactly the same points in each tiebreaker, prize will be split
  1. Complete the online form below
  2. You will need to provide your name, branch, email address, and a password
  3. Select one player from each selection box.
You will choose:
  • Two teams (one from the East and one from the West)
  • Eight forwards
  • Four defensemen
  • Two goalies
  • Don’t forget to click “submit entry” before 4:00pm PST on Wednesday, April 10th 
  • Scoring for each position is listed below




points table

Registration Deadline: 4:00PM PST, Wednesday, April 10th, 2019
Hockey Pool Administrator:
Alicia Smith - - 604-292-2182